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Project 2013 & Project Server 2013 at PMI Willamette Valley

2012 October 10

Today I will be starting the lecture circuit for PMI where I will be showcasing Microsoft Project, Project Server, and SharePoint Business Intelligence for both the current version and for Project Online and Project Server 2013.

I am super excited about helping people understand the key differences between what the Online presence of Project Professional 2013, Office 2013, SharePoint 2013, and Project Server 2013 will do.  With the ever increasing demand for better, faster and easier web accessibility to manage projects, programs and portfolios, Project 2013 provides a continued march to a more powerful extension of features in previous versions only in the desktop and now embedded online.

Some of these are:

  • Baselines
  • Timeline View
  • Non Programmatic Workflows (all within Project Server)
  • Faster and Online Schedule Editing, Linking and Management

A key feature that I am particularly excited about is the ability to use reporting capabilities (not only the integration with full SharePoint & SQL Business Intelligence). In fact, now in Microsoft Project Professional 2013 you can do the same charting, graphing and report building (Pivot tables) inside of Microsoft Project 2013 as you can with Excel. This is a huge game changer for those who want to access the power of all the project information (relational database) and generate sexy charts, graphs, and reports without needing to export or drop the data anywhere else.

A few years ago Advisicon built a tool called Microsoft Project Report Extractor (or MSP-Rex for short) that allows you to filter, sort, group and extract data from any field within Project Server. You can then drop the data into PowerPivot, Excel, CSV or even to Microsoft Project. With MSP-Rex you have the ability to mine data anywhere from Project Server and create a single Microsoft Project file that has the full capabilities of charting, graphing and reporting all localized in Project 2013.

Download a free 30 day MSP-Rex trial!

Advisicon will be starting it’s demonstrations and presentations of products like this that support Project, Program and Portfolio management. If you are interested in seeing what our products or Microsoft Project 2013 can do for your organization, do check with our speaking schedule or feel free to have us schedule one for you and your team.

For those of you who are interested in taking the plunge and do a preview try the Online version.

Let us know what you think in the comments!


Tim Runcie is the President and Founder of Advisicon, a Project Management consulting company with a global headquarters based in Vancouver, Washington. Advisicon specializes in training for project management best practices and the use of Microsoft’s project management tools like Microsoft Project, Project Server, and SharePoint.