Growing a Project Management Culture with Project Server & Team Foundation Server

No matter how good a tool is, the organizational culture needs to be taken into account.

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Surprise Yourself with the True Potential of Your Process

"No one has to change, survival is optional."

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Microsoft Project Solutions

Optimizing the performances of Project solutions through resource allocation, BI, custom reporting and more.

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Growing a Project Management Culture with Project Server & Team Foundation Server


As many of you know I just recently had a baby girl.  With this bundle of joy, I not only get little to no sleep, but every day it is a new adventure.  Oh the highs and lows of parenthood.  One thing that I am thrilled about is the fact that each day she is learning new things and whether she wants to or not, she is in a constant flux of learning and changing.  Watching her start to see, visualize her curiosity and comprehend that an object is something that she can grasp, then grabbing (and of course putting them right in her mouth), is quite comical.

So how does this have anything to do with Project Management, Project Server or Team Foundation Server you might ask?  Well it struck me, as I was putting Rachel into her car seat for the first time, that not every new experience, tool, safety device or contraption she is coming across is met with excitement or eager anticipation. Read More

Fueling Creativity with Office 365


This post below is an excellent example of what I consider a key value in working in partnership with customers to solve problems, creating solutions or helping to align organizational culture with the right type of solution (whether that is methodology, technology or a blend of both).

At Advisicon, one of the key values in creative solution is to believe that any solution is possible, if we can allow the customer and our teams to think about what solution ideas will accomplish those core requirements. With Office 365 and the Project Online solution we are seeing that organizations are now able to afford, manage and take advantage of business technologies in a simplistic way, allowing them to uncover with metrics, processes and key functional workflows that can be improved. Read More