Requirements Gathering: Look Before You Leap

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Projects started with inadequate research and requirements gathering are doomed to fail, or at best to elicit inadequate results. Make it a New Year’s Resolution within your organization to get organized!

Requirements Gathering is the essential first phase to effective project management. Being anything less than thorough during this initial project phase can be detrimental to the outcome of your project. Let the Advisicon team help you manage stakeholder’s expectations and balance and prioritize competing requirements. Read More

IPM Day 2012: Meet Cindy Lewis, Our New MVP

Cindy Lewis (MVP) on International Project Management Day

Once again, [International Project Management Day]( “Learn about IPM Day on the official website”) approaches! Since 2004, the first Thursday of every November has been IPM Day: a day to recognize project managers and their teams.

Project management practitioners contribute to the success of their organizations daily. These are the people who help to ensure high quality products and services are delivered. They work to improve productivity. Their methodologies control costs and increase efficiency. And they do all of this while managing scope.

IPM Day celebrates the contributions of these fine individuals to their organizations and to the field of project management itself. Read More

Three Communication Skills That Can Turn Your Workplace Around

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different personalities on different teams

Manage Different Personalities Differently

I didn’t have a great success record when I started a job in 1998 of managing 900+ volunteers for a sheriff’s office, I lost more volunteers than I kept. Then I learned that the number one reason why people leave their workplace, volunteer or paid, is due to a poor relationship with their boss. That was exactly why I lost my volunteers; I didn’t know how to build a positive relationship with my hires. Read More

How We Sharpen Our Skills… Join Us!

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As practicing consultants, trainers, and authors, we are continually improving our skills, broadening our knowledge and learning new approaches that we can share with our customers. One of the ways we do that is by attending events, working at tradeshow booths, and speaking on various topics. Sometimes when we meet people for the first time, they recognize Advisicon’s name, but they can’t figure out where they ran into us. Here is a small sampling of events coming up and we encourage you to pick an event and Join Us! Read More